Brick Pixels

Since March 2014, I’ve been, taking photos of LEGO® minifigures and models around Adelaide. You can find my work on Instagram and over at

Over the years, LEGO photography has taught me a lot about taking photos, social media and connecting with people online – lot of which, I use in my day-to-day work as well.

LEGO Photography has also opened doors to new opportunities. I’ve had my photo on the cover of The City (a local newspaper in Adelaide), worked on a Christmas campaign for LEGO, supported Adelaide’s biggest LEGO exhibition, Brickalaide and run workshops for kids and adults.

Now, I’m focusing on sharing my experience and knowledge to get people into this great hobby.

Brick Pixels
Brick Pixels by Ben Teoh

On the Brick Pixels website, you’ll be able to find articles targeted at the beginner/novice LEGO photographer. There are how-to guides, spotlights articles on other photographers and a collection of my own reflections on getting the most out of it.

You’ll also be able to find my most recent photos from around Adelaide on the Brick Pixels (@brickpixels) Instagram account.

If you’re interested in LEGO photography, connect with me over at the Brick Pixels website or via the contact page.

Ben Teoh