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Pigs in Rundle Mall
Winning photo for The City

Who would have thought that a small project taking photos of Lego would land me a cover photo on Adelaide City’s local newspaper, The City?

Since #MinifigMarch wrapped up, I’ve been continuing the Lego adventure on Instagram where I’ve ‘met’ a lot of great people there along the way from the Lego community and from around Adelaide who have encouraged and inspired me in my Lego photography. So when the The City’s competition came along, I jumped at the chance to share one of my latest photos that mixed the two.

Looking at some of the other entries to the competition, I saw there were a few other Instagrammers who submitted entries and thought I’d take some time to share a few of my favourite local accounts with you, especially for those new to the social network.

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DAdelaide: Take a trip to the Batcave this weekend

If you didn’t get enough comic action last weekend at Comicon or want to get some new interior decorating ideas for the spare bedroom, now’s a good time to head into the Adelaide CBD – because there’s a Batcave.

Yes, a Batcave. Take the kids and check it out!

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Getting geeky with a bit of DIY Lego wall art

Cleaning the garage is never a simple process.  It’s full of forgotten treasures that try their hardest to distract you from what you went in there for in the first place. They peek out from underneath boxes, tempting you to unpack them, rediscover them and in the process make more of a mess than what you started with.

Last time it was our home-crafted costumes of the aliens from Sesame Street that we thought were hilarious to parade around the house in (the kids weren’t so keen on it and there were almost tears). This time, it was my old smiley Lego friends.

What to do when you have the urge to bring out your childhood toys but a small, human vacuum cleaner that can crawl at the speed of light means they’re probably a bad idea to have inside? You frame them and make your own Lego wall art, of course!

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Free hugs, family and #GivingTuesday

I was walking down the local mall with my three year-old, she spots a couple of teenagers waving signs around and obviously trying to grab the attention of shoppers. “What are they doing, Dad?” she asks. Knowing she’ll be asking for the rest of my day if I don’t find out, we walked a little closer to see what was going on.

As we neared them, I read two familiar words that had started a movement I thought was over years ago — FREE HUGS.

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