Go on a mini adventure for #MinifigMarch on Instagram

This month, I’m carrying a little man around with me in a small box and taking photos of him. That doesn’t sound weird at all.

Wanna join?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a themed month, and March seems like a fun time to start something new with the “Mad March” season happening in Adelaide. ¬†Since sharing about my framed Lego displays, I’ve become a little Lego obsessed and it’s become a recurring theme on social media with people sharing Lego related links with me almost daily.

After a few people showing me the brilliant¬†Legography series by Andrew Whyte and also after connecting with a bunch of other “legographers” on Instagram, I’ve been inspired to embark on #MinifigMarch.

The #MinifigMarch project so far

During the week, I’ve been using #MinifigMarch as a good excuse to get out of the office during my lunch break and stretch my legs and explore the Adelaide CBD within a 10 minute walk from Rundle Mall.

I’ll be honest – I’ve drawn a fair share of strange looks when I’ve been crouched on the ground trying to take these with my phone. But I’m pretty happy with the results – and hey, it’s Fringe/Festival season in Adelaide and there are a lot of unusual things happening so I probably don’t stand out that much.

I’m adding to this gallery everyday throughout March, so keep swinging by if you’re interested in what’s happening.

Join in with #MinifigMarch on Instagram!

Join #MinifigMarch on Instagram!
Join #MinifigMarch on Instagram!

Theme months suck when you’re doing it alone, so join in if you feel so inclined. Take one photo or a hundred, just tag them with #MinifigMarch and I’ll check it out.

There are already a few others jumping on the hashtag like @caleraux:
and @prettyredshoes
At the end of it all, I’ll be writing up another blog post and I’d love to share what you capture too.

So, dust off those Lego minifigs, take them on an adventure and join me for #MinifigMarch!

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