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(Surprise) post: The time I almost married Marky Mark

SURPRISE! This is a hilarious guest post from Lindsey Talerico-Hedren one half of the force behind January Blog and also the organiser of NetSquared Auckland. I wasn’t expecting half-naked photos of Marky Mark… you’ve been warned.

There’s a new movie out right now called “Broken City” with Mark Wahlberg, the other actors don’t really matter because, let’s be honest: Mark is going to steal the show. I haven’t seen it yet since Hollywood’s list of premièring countries doesn’t include New Zealand in the top 40; so we have to wait to see every movie but the Hobbit weeks-months after it’s released in the U.S. But as soon as it comes out, you bet I’ll be there Gold Class.

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teachers #janblogaday

(Teaching): An unexpected lesson through rock climbing

This is a guest post from Jackie Ostile, a fellow January Blog a Day blogger based in Washington. You can find her posts at “Constant State of Frolicking.” Oh, yeah – this blog just went international.

For years my twin sister harassed, begged, bugged, bothered, whined for me to get into rock climbing. And for years I ignored her. I would rather spend my time at the mall, reading the latest celebrity websites (I still do!), or on a treadmill at the gym. Anything that included getting dirty, not just sweaty, and that involved bugs was out of the question. No. Thank. You.

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dessert #janblogaday

I don’t always blog about (dessert) but when I do, it’s waffles

Growing up, this is how I learned to remember how to spell ‘dessert’ vs ‘desert’ – ‘dessert’ has two s’s because you always want more. How very true.

This Christmas, I received something special. Something I’d been wanting for a long time. A waffle maker. And with that, my collection of kitchenware was complete.

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moodboard #janblogaday

Time to (create a mood board) to deal with blogger’s block

Today, I learned what a ‘mood board’ is. Turns out it’s just an inspiration board with a new name… I also discovered I have a bunch of stock photo credits that expire in two days.

Today’s January Blog a Day theme is “create a mood board.” To be honest, I was thinking of one of those ‘how-do-you-feel’ flip books that people have on their desks to warn or welcome their workmates. It turns out it’s something completely different. It also turns out that I had no idea what to do for today and I fear I’m faced with a mix of blogger’s fatigue/blogger’s block.

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superpowers #janblogaday

It’s time for everyone to have digital (superpowers)

Technology is taking us on a super-sized adventure, but what happens to those who don’t have the superpowers to keep up?

[SPOILER] There’s a scene in the Incredibles where Syndrome unveils his plan to offer everyone the chance to have superpowers with his inventions – with the aim of turning the world upside down.

But on the other hand, if everyone’s super, maybe we’d simply forget just how super things really were. How much would we take for granted? How much would we just assume was the for everyone else?

Maybe we’d forget that what we have is pretty amazing and instead sit on our couches dreaming that we had more…

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advice #janblogaday

Interested in tech for social good? We want your (advice)!

So, you’re keen explorer of the digital world. You work with different online tools to solve different problems, and you love it. What’s more, you want to share your knowledge with others AND want to make a positive difference… do I have an opportunity for you!

Whether it’s social media, online collaboration, blogs, e-newsletters, video conferencing, building communities or creating something completely new – the knowledge you have can help others.

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thingsthatrhyme #janblogaday

(Things that rhyme)… and other things I’m bad at

I’m not a poet, but I’ve learned to appreciate it.

In my thirty years, I’ve tried a lot – and failed a lot. It’s one of those things about life is that you often learn the most when you make mistakes. Sometimes, you get back on your feet and try again, or other times you choose your battles and resign yourself to the knowledge that you’re probably never going to be a professional stuntman (dreams of an 8 year old, crushed).

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