Rocking content, making connections and the first rule of tweetchats.

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Content Rules

I thought I’d share a bit about a tweetchat I was part of a little while ago. The actual roundup of the tweetchat is there, but I thought I’d throw in a little more. Hold on, it’s a bit of a bumpy ride, but we’ll get there…

I had the pleasure of being part of a #MyBookClub tweetchat with Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, authors of Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, and Webinars (and more) that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business – a book I highly recommend.

#MyBookClub is a monthly tweetchat covering social-media-esque books. They’ve had chats with authors such as Guy Kawasaki and Mari Smith and covered some books which are now on my list of books to add to my Kindle. #MyBookClub is run by the dynamic Peg Fitzpatrick who I came across when… wait…

I don’t even know how I first came across Peg… that’s odd. Probably through Twitter?

I can’t remember how I met her, but I know why I connect with her. Simply, Peg shares and creates great content – and infuses it with her own personality.

This is the thing about the social web. In many ways, the content we share will define the connections we make. This is what social media is built on. It’s all about what we share and create and the value that gives those we are connected to – social media is people.

So, on the subject of content – it’s not just for marketers – it’s for everyone online. If we are creating content, whether it’s through blogs, Instagram, Pinterest boards, MySpace playlists (hehe… yes!) etc etc we can all benefit from understanding online content more…

Oh right, #MyBookClub tweetchat.

First rule of tweetchats – share your snacks. This isn’t some metaphor for sharing the small bits of tasty content. Being my first #MyBookClub tweetchat, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but one thing I loved was how it started. As people rolled in, we started talking about snacks. It seemed everyone either had a glass of wine in hand or a plate of food in front of them.

“I like Twizzlers but yes! RT @cc_chapman: Is Brie and crackers an appropriate snack for #MyBookClub?” – @PegFitzpatrick

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about groups, food is the ultimate ice-breaker (that or 80’s/90’s cartoons). It’s easy to talk about food – what we like, what don’t like, and whether brussel sprouts can ever be cooked in a way that makes them edible. Hot tip: if you’re ever running an ice breaker, add “what’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?”

The tweetchat itself was well organised, and I enjoyed the discussions. Being able to engage with the authors of a book you’ve enjoyed is a real treat, and it was great hearing some more of Anne Handley and C.C. Chapman’s insights into the use of content.

If you’re looking at wrapping your head around content marketing, then I highly recommend it. Although it’s light hearted, it covers a lot of ground with very practical advice. There are also some great case studies at the end to help you with ideas.

Check out the Content Rules website and check out the free preview they have there.

Have a read of the tweetchat on Storify embedded right here from Peg Fitzpatrick’s Storify:

[<a href=”; target=”_blank”>View the story “#MyBookClub Chat with Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman about Content Rules” on Storify</a>]