Help a Bro try to Grow a Mo

MOVEMBER Sheild2011

Since 2003, November has become a celebration of manhood. Every year men cultivate and sculpt (dare I say) beautiful topiaries between their nose and upper lip. However, in the midst of this month-long festival of masculinity, a handful of men construct elaborate excuses as to why they can’t participate. We are the 10%*.

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Each year I’ve made the effort to avoid taking part in Movember and silently look on in jealousy. The truth is, Asians aren’t great at growing moustaches (which actually makes those old stereotypes quite funny). For those of us who try, it’s not a good look, and according to Yahoo! Answers, “it’s very hard for an Asian to pull off that look because most Asian guys have feminine features that look strange with a mustache n’ beard.” If Yahoo! Answers says we shouldn’t grow moustaches then I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, my workmate Ryan doesn’t frequent Yahoo! Answers. Despite protests and efforts to educate him on the Asian-mo, he decided to sign me up to this year’s Movembver as part of our workplace team.

I put the call out on Facebook, and with support like this from my sister, I wasn’t exactly confident about how this was going to play out.

You know you have to actually grow one…not buy one from the costume shop and glue it there. One dollar per mo hair? Think it’s a pretty safe bet…

Yeah… thanks, Em.

Well, here it is. Movemeber starts tomorrow and I’ll be buckling down for what I’m sure will be a very odd month. So, I ask you to donate, please. Raising money for a good cause will make this worth the pain and humiliation of the Asian-mo.

Sponsor me for Movember 2011

Make this worth the humiliation

For a good cause

All joking aside though, the proceeds from Movemeber go to initiatives highlighting prostate cancer and depression. If we can reduce cases of prostate cancer in the same way cervical cancer has been, that would be an amazing achievement.

If it means a month of humiliation – well, I can do that. It’s no Rommy Gulla, but it’s going to feel just as long.

Donate today, and help a bro as he tries to grow a mo.

* Yeah, I made that number up.