Awesome Adelaide: Adelaide Flashmob

Whether it’s taking your pants off in public, dressing up like a ninja, or creating real-life rickrolls, the Adelaide Flashmob is a community I’m happy to say I’m a part of. Not only because it’s an adventure every time we head out, but also because of the people I’ve met along the way.

Discovering fun communities in Adelaide isn’t hard if you look. The Adelaide Flashmob has been around since 2008, a while before I found myself as one of the organisers. As an online community, it’s been interesting to see how you can rally strangers together to do something out of the ordinary.

At every event I make an effort to ask the new people where they heard about us. It’s a good way to get feedback about what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better. At our latest Ninja Raid on Adelaide 2011, my favourite response was:

My mum saw this event on Facebook and told me I should come.

I thought I’d share a seven of my favourite flashmobs we’ve done so far with footage from various YouTubers who have caught us in the act:

Ninja Raid on Adelaide 2009

Ninja Raid on Adelaide 2009

One of my first flashmobs involved hundreds of ninjas storming Adelaide. This was epic. Probably the biggest flashmob we’ve had so far. Just the sheer size of the group was enough to cause a scene.

With multiple teams of ninjas swarming Rundle Mall, it was hard to miss us. It was so big the group had to be separated into several teams to manage it.

The video below is pretty long, but if you jump to the 9:45 mark, you’ll see the best ninja conga line ever.

Adelaide Fringe 2009 Mp3 Experiment

Adelaide Fringe FlashmobYep, I got to shake the hand of Charlie Todd from Improv Everywhere when he came to Adelaide, bringing one of his Mp3 experiments with him.

For the Adelaide Fringe, secret instructions were sent to hundreds of people. On the day, strangers dressed in coloured clothes followed instructions on their mp3 players all at the same time as spectators (who couldn’t hear the instructions) looked on.

The result? Hilarious fun.

Adelaide Rickroll 2010

This was an experimental flashmob. We wondered if we could take a classic meme, the rickroll and transform it into a real-life experience. We created situations where people would interact with a flashmobber expecting one thing, but the flashmobber would start singing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” As soon as the chorus started, a crowd of people rushed in to sing the rest of the song, quickly dispersing as if nothing happened.

It actually worked… really well… despite the bad singing… not adding a video for this one. *cough*

Quest for Jackie Chan 2010

Quest for Jackie ChanMaria Tran has been working on her Quest for Jackie Chan project for quite some time now, and as part of it, she asked us to do a Jackie Chan themed flashmob.

As part of it, we cheered people ordering coffees at Cibo with our Jackie Chan masks on. We also spent the day with Maria as she took us through an improv workshop. This was just a whole lot of fun.

We’re looking forward to Maria’s finished masterpiece!

30 Seconds of Fame 2011

30 Seconds of FameNick and Kira did a brilliant job organising this. It was the first time we had worked with shops on Rundle Mall to create an event. We randomly picked people coming out of Globalise (and on the balcony of the Hotel Richmond) and treated them as A-list celebritiess.

The best part of this was when we were waiting for people to come down the escalators, we actually started building a bigger crowd of shoppers waiting for a real celebrity. Jump to 4:15 >

If you want to find out more about the Adelaide Flashmob find us online:

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